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Halfway_to_hell_omslag copy“The book arrived! It is great. The number of touch points in the book is amazing. I just love the way you weave together the stories of cyber exploration with the field trips and ground truth, and the touching personal stories.Thank you so much for sending me the book, and for writing it! It is just outstanding.”
– Joseph M. Erwin, Needmore, PA.

“Charles Lindros was one of the men who perished in that accident. The 30-year old immigrant from Sweden left behind a wife, Marie, and any chance of a better life in his adopted country. He might have been lost in history if not for a bronze plaque on the Golden Gate Bridge and the efforts of his grand-nephew, Börje Lundvall. Thank you, Börje Lundvall. Your book is a testament to the power of family, and to the spirit and determination of immigrants everywhere.”
– Allan G. Smorra, San Anselmo, CA. Citation borrowed from [link broken].

“Mr. Lundvall has written a superb book about Charles Lindros, an ancestor of his who died while helping to build California’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The accident that took Lindros’s life is infamous in the lore of the great span. Nine other workers died on February 17, 1937, when a scaffold broke loose and carried men 200 feet into the sea. Lundvall’s book focuses on the Lindros story, but along the way it widens out into a fascinating history of immigration, the 1920s, the Great Depression, and much more. It is an important contribution to the literature about the Golden Gate Bridge. I recommend it to you highly.”
– Harvey Schwartz, labor historian and author, San Francisco, CA.

“We received your wonderful book. Thank you very much. You have certainly put a lot of time and research into the book.”
– Peter J. Andersen, Belvedere, CA.

“Thank you for the book, and congratulations on your book!  I think your story, especially from the viewpoint of an engineer, sets it apart.”
– Tom Carey, San Francisco Public Library, CA.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your book, which arrived today. I’m really looking forward to reading it. The more I research the building of the bridge the more I am in awe of those involved. It was an astonishing feat.”
– Catherine Davis, BBC World Service, London, UK.

“The California State Library gratefully acknowledges your gift of your work titled: The Halfway to Hell Club: In search of Lindros and the Other Men Who Fell Into the Gate, Immigrant Stories and American Heroes. This generous contribution will be added to the permanent collections of the Library’s California History Room collection. Thank you for thinking of the California History Room.”
– Kathleen A. Correia, California State Library, Sacramento, CA.

“We are happy to add your book about the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and the eleven workers who lost their lives doing so. Many thanks.”
– Bonnie Bearden, University of California, Berkeley Library, CA.

A book review was published in The Swedish American Genealogist 2016:2, click on the link below:
Book review